Perfect time to plant? Indeed

One of the biggest and most asked questions we get here at the nursery is: Is now a good time to plant? Our answer is simple – yes, although we really don’t recommend it during the colder months because of the potential for frost and freezing.
But, NOW is a great time to be planting, especially at Rillito Nursery because we have a super special on planting and delivery.
We are offering up to $35 off of delivery with a planting. So, if you’re in Zone 1 or Zone 2 that means the delivery charge is free. And in Zone 3 (the farthest areas) the delivery charge is just $25. This is a perfect time to get some of the larger trees – including shade trees – in the ground and established.
It’s a way to show you how good our landscape division is here at the nursery. They love what they do and are ready to prove it to you. Just like we are at home base where all your ideas begin.

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Spiders aren’t they just lovely? Not!

Don’t like spiders and snakes? Well, neither did singer Jim Stafford (sorry for the old-time reference) but we don’t either. But our own bug expert Dayna Cooper loves them so if you’re having trouble with the spider part just come on in and ask Dayna how to control those spider mites that may be in your yard or garden. The web masters can be controlled.
It’s hot and dry – heck, we’re in Tucson so what it means is spider mites abound. You’re probably seeing a number of them – and by number I mean a lot – because they reproduce quickly and live anywhere from two to four weeks. Get them early, and prevent them often.
Repeated applications of our Triple Action or Saf-T-Side products – both of which are oil-based controls – will help with the pesky problem. As for the snakes? Well, good luck with those things. Dayna will probably say just let them be – don’t mess with them and they won’t mess with you.

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Those blooming Rangers, and I mean it in a good way!

You want bloom? Do you really want bloom? Well, coming soon to a well-designed backyard or front yard near you is a Texas Ranger. No, not a pro baseball player, but the bush that’s made to take the heat and then bloom when the monsoon comes. Actually, they should have called them Arizona Rangers because they thrive in the southwest desert because they don’t need much water and can thrive under poor soil conditions.
Tucson to a T!
Now is a perfect time to get a ranger – green to silver foliage. Pick a type, any type. The rangers look best at this time of year, nice color and in the heat, no less.
If only the Texas Rangers – yes, the baseball team – could hold up under the heat, they’d have a chance to win a pennant.

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Human touch needed on some plants

Birds do it. Bees do it. Need I go any further? … Well, you get the picture. So, we’ll stop there. But when it comes to your vegatables and a few other things you’re going to have to help out with some of the pollination (consider it eharmony for plants).
In the spring, bees are the keys to helping some of the plants pollinate, but with the temperatures up – and going to climb even higher (Ugh!) – and folks not wanting the pesky beehives around, the human touch is needed to help pollinate. In general terms it’s called hand pollination, where gardners “trick” the plants by using a thin painter’s brush or cotton swab to transfer pollen from one plant to another.
Squash, zuchini and melons and a few other things could use some human help to get it going.
So, good luck. And here’s hoping your plants get lucky!

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Brighten up your life – with color

So, we’re coming to the end of spring, but don’t fret it’s not the end of all the color. You can keep the color coming with plenty of summer-time flowers and some garden art.
Garden Art? Yes. The Talavera pots (they come in varying sizes), the Talavera coyotes and turtles and lizards. Sorry, no lions and tigers and bears, oh my. But we do have a 3-foot giraffe and its baby. There are also butterflies, dragonflies, frogs and miniture cows heads. And don’t forget the Nerdy Bird collection that has become one of the more talked about items in our gift shop. They’re perfect for the garden and make for great convesation pieces.
There’s a lot to choose from, including pinwheels and wind chimes galore. Make your garden burst with color – and not just with our blooming flowers. But with a colorful pot here and there. Have fun. Be colorful.

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