Get out and plant! It’s the perfect time

Itching to get out and enjoy the cool, crisp morning air? Well, why not get out in the yard and plant something?
It’s a perfect time of the year. Snowbirds who are making their way back from Coldsville should know – maybe they don’t – that this is the perfect time because the soil is just right for planting. It’s moist or soft because of the monsoons – YES, we are getting some this year! – and it’s a perfect time to get your plants established before the winter. OK, snowbirds, Tucson doesn’t have a winter but play along. Humor me for a sec. But, it’s cold to us natives.
Point is take advantage of the early-morning climes and get out and make your landscape area nice for the upcoming months. It’s easy. Come on by and ask what’s best to be put in the ground right now (hint: just about everything but I’m going to suggest some Yellow Bells, Tecomas and Orange Jubilees).
We’ll be waiting for all the questions because we’re pretty good with the answers.

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Dayna & Stephanie put Rillito on display!

It’s another reason to shop at Rillito Nursery.
Well, at least we’d like to think so, although we’ve always known – and continue to see – how talented our group truly is.
Dayna and Stephanie – two of the best in the business and specifically in Tucson – came away with the first place title in the Rosso’s nationwide display contest. It’s no surprise to those who know them. They have an eye and knack for beauty and how to display it. They’re pros at it.
Their beautiful display of Rosso’s bamboo pots (see pictures in our nursery photo album on facebook at Rillito Nursery & Garden Center.
We’re very proud of the duo and very proud of our group who make Rillito Nursery our home and your place to shop for all your gardening needs.

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Trees? Do we have a deal for you!

There’s nothing shady about it – except the name.
In fact, we’d like to call it our “Awesome August Special”, but because we’re dealing with shade and – yes, it’s hot out there – so we’re calling it our “August Shady Special.”
And the only thing shady about it is, well, the potential for shade when you purchase any tree and you’ll get the second one at 25 percent off when it’s of equal or lesser value.
It’s that simple. See the attached coupon for the deal and bring it in for the great deal on some future shade. Pick a tree, any tree and the second one is 25 percent off. Brazilian pepper? Purple plum? Native mesquite? We’ve got them and much, much more.
And, it’s the perfect time to plant the tree because of the monsoons and the warm days. We at Rillito Nursery feel now is a good time to plant trees. The heat won’t affect them because they need the warm days and nights to help get established a bit faster. And the humidity is good for the plants. What may make for a bad hair day for us folks is a good day for the plants.
Happy planting … and think trees.

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