Ants got you down? Use our 38 special!

So the little critters – the angst of ants – are all around. Darn ants!
What to do? Oh, what to do?
Well, bring in the Hi-Yield 38 Plus and it should be exactly what you’ve been looking for to get the little suckers. And they’ll be history.
Here’s how it works according to our resident expert Stephanie: The ants take the clippings from the plant into their mound. It then turns into a fungus they feed off of. The product “taints” the ant’s food and all of a the ants can’t make it. Skinny ant makes for a dead ant.
She says the best method of attack is to use the diluted mix of Hi Yield & water and pour it down the ant hole. Then, follow it with a “chaser” of extra water so that it washes the solution throughout the area. Make sure to note that this stuff is not a spray, but a soil drench. In 24 hours – viola – the ant mound is gone.
Happy hunting.

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Sweet Peas – Yes siree! We have them

What’s perfect in the fall that will look great in the spring?
It’s no riddle – it’s sweet peas.
The fall – and by that we mean right now! – is the perfect time to plant sweet peas by seed so you can see great results in the spring. With plenty of TLC in a few months, you’ll be glad you planted the seeds.
And we have them for you. When you plant now, you’ll get great, vibrant colors and a nice fragrance. They are also great for cut flowers. The bloom starts in the spring and lasts into the summer.
If you have any questions about sweet peas or anything else about our business, just come on by and ask. We’re here for you.

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Cool climes? It must mean veggie time!

OK, so the leafs are not changing color, but, hey, the temperatures are a bit cooler these days. Well, at least for the last couple of days. So, it’s a perfect time to be talking about fall veggies. We’ve got ‘em and we have more coming in on Friday (Oct. 8).
Lettuce, spinach and broccoli – (Oh my). That’s all we’re getting right now but expect more soon as the growers start getting them ready for us … for you.
What has been real popular lately has been the vegetable seeds. We have plenty with more coming in soon. They’re selling “like crazy” as our resident expert Stephanie says. And she knows the biz.
Right now, the seeds to plant are: carrots, lettuce, beets, radishes, broccoli and cauliflower.
And, we have the right soil for you. It’s the Miller’s Box Garden Mix for veggie gardens. Stephanie says, it has a nice “earthy look and feel and smell to it.”
And if she likes it you know it’s good.

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