It is summer, get your bright colors on

Welcome to summer! No, spring. No, summer.
So, it’s been hot and cold then hot and cool. But the bet here is that it’s going to be hot, hot and hotter from here on out. If you haven’t already, it’s time to plant the summer flowers.
Color galore.
Bird of Paradise. Yellow Bells. Verbena. Zinnias. Bright plumbagos. And the ever popular-salvias.
There’s just so many to list. We have them all and they are going quickly. Come on in and check the wide selection of summer flowers and trees.
Speaking of trees, if you’ve ever seen oranges and lemons fly now’s the time. Actually, they are flying out of the store. Citrus has been very popular the past couple of months. We still have a selected few so if you’re interested you might want to call for current availability.
Don’t forget the roses. We still have plenty left – from Julio Iglesias to All-Americans to a host of others.
And don’t forget the desert plants. We have an array assortment of those, too. Check our desert area in the southwest corner of the store. We also have them scattered throughout the yard.
Come on in. We have plenty of room to roam and enjoy the colors. And the passion we have for what we do.

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Time To Feed Your Citrus Trees!

It’s the perfect time of the year to be outside and be planting. OK, OK , so you’ve heard it all before but try to remember when it was this cool – temperature-wise – this late into the spring? …. Ok, it’s been a while. Looong while.
Enjoy. And while you’re at it remember one thing as we head into Memorial Weekend next week – it’s time to feed your citrus trees.
Those who got them are well schooled in the feeding schedule. Valentines, Memorial Weekend and Labor Day Weekend. All Easy to remember. If you’re looking for food, well, we have it at Rillito Nursery.
And if you’re looking for citrus trees we also those, too, but it’s been such a crazy – in a good way – spring that we’re selling citrus quickly. We do have some Eureka Lemons, kumquats, Clementine Mandarines and a few other things.
Call for current availability. Our phone number is 520-575-0995.
Thanks and happy planting.

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Float like a Butterfly? Only if they’re lucky!

Got Caterpillars?
Well, you’re not alone. They are seemingly popping up everywhere. Of course, it’s that time of year.
They’re on citrus, sophora, grapes and much more.
But if you want to get them before they get to your trees and other plants, get those leaf-eating boogers – some kind of look like them, too (sorry, I had to go there) – with some Bt, a biological – or organic – control of those pests.
Bt? That’s short for Bacillus thuringiensi, a bacteria that affects the guts of the critter. And it’s good for a wide range of caterpillar. Just follow the directions and spray on the plant. No direct contact is needed on the caterpillar. Instead, spray and the little thing will do the rest, eating up the pesticide and give itself a deadly stomachache.
We have Green Light here at Rillito Nursery. And according to Green Light, the product doesn’t harm the “beneficial insects like honeybees, earthworks or ladybugs.”
It does control:
• bagworms
• cabbage loopers
• imported cabbage worms
• leafrollers
• tomato hornworms
• webworms
Where to use it:
• flowers
• vegetables
• ornamentals
• trees
Come on by and pick some up. And while you’re here give us a look-see. I’m sure you’ll go away pleased. And ask us some questions about our products. We’re always happy to help.

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Mother’s Day is Sunday, Say Thanks!

Psst. You may have heard but I’m here to tell you – maybe remind you _ that Sunday is Mother’s Day.

No, make that MOTHER’S DAY!

It’s the day you say thanks – if you don’t do that every day already – for being on earth.

So, say thank you!

And, of course, we have suggestions after you give her the verbal thanks.

Give her a floral thank you. Why not give her a plant, a type of salvia or tree that will always remind of you? She’ll love you for it … she already does but, hey, she’ll love you even more.

We have it all in preparation for the summer. It’s getting a bit hot here – as you know. So, give her something that will last. Give her some color. Why not come in for a rose – good for any occasion – especially on Mother’s Day?

Why not a wind chime? We have the best and highest quality chimes. And yes we have some for any budget, too.

We have gardening gloves, garden knickknacks, Talavera pots and assortment of other pots. And if you can’t decide from the myriad of things we have here, why not give the always-welcome gift card. It’s quick and easy.

Why not? She’ll get the gift she really wants on her day – Mother’s Day.

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