Hasta La Vista Leaf-Cutter Ants

Now is the time for Hi-Yield 38-Plus.
Why you ask? Well, this is the time of year those pesky leaf-cutter ants start doing what they do best – cut leaves. You may not see them because they are working their magic – note: their magic, not yours – at night when you’re fast asleep. You don’t realize they are chomping on your various plants until you start noticing the problem with the plant.
Why now? Well, it is monsoon season and they are getting ready for what’s ahead, stripping the leaves off so they can take them back to their nest so they can feed off the fungus later.
They particularly like the Texas Rangers, Cassias, Salvia, Palo Verdes and peppers. Keep an eye out for those.
What the Hi-Yield 38-Plus is is a mound drench. Don’t always look for the ant hill (mound) to be nearby either. It could be a distance. You’ll have to play detective and follow the leaf trail.
Follow the directions – as always – and the Hi-Yield will work its magic so the ants can’t work theirs. Come on in and ask us for it. And if you have any other questions let us know. That’s what we are here for – you.

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Veggie Time – Come And Get ‘Em

It’s that time of year!! For many who live in their garden it’s time for some great veggies.
Get them in now so you can eat healthy later.
Here’s what can be planted now and we surely encourage it. Do it early in the morning when it’s still cool out.
Here’s the list from our resident expert – Stephanie.
• Broccoli
• Cabbage
• Brussel
• Sprouts
• Chard
• Kale
• Peas
• Radish
• Turnip

That said this is what we have in stock right now:
• Di Cicco broccoli
• red and green Kale
• Copenhagen cabbage
• Cherry Belle, Easter Egg and Daikon Radish
• Ruby Red Chard
• and Snap Peas

Additionally, any of the herb seeds can be planted now, too. That includes: Oregano, Rosemary, Parsley, Camomile, Marjoram. We have them all.

If you have any questions we have answers. Plant and in no time they’ll be ready for you. And by the way, we now carry Fox Farm Soil Conditioner in a 3.0 cubic foot bag. It’s $22.99.

Come in and get ready for the fall season. It might not feel like it but it’s just around the corner.

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