We have the perfect pond plant for you, come see

What could be better than looking at yourself via the mirror surface of a pond? Well, having a nice, tranquil pond that features a bunch of healthy pond plants to make the surroundings even better.

If you’re looking to find the perfect pond plant, we have it. And they’ve recently come in.

We have lilies, horsetail, dwarf cattails and about 10 other varieties that will make your pond healthier and happier and more appealing. It’ll bring the pond to life.

In addition to the aforementioned plants we have water hibiscus, iris and canna.

There’s plenty to choose from. A key to successful pond planting is the depth in which you plant them. It’s also good to know that the pond plants help keep algae out of the pond. It’s nature’s filter.

Come and see or wonderful and varied selection and, of course, if you have any questions please ask one of our resident experts.

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Mother’s Day Soon, Get Her Something From Rillito Nursery

Mother’s Day is Sunday and we here at Rillito Nursery want to help you find your gift for your  special mom.

And hey, what mom doesn’t love flowers? By the way, every woman does – even if she says she doesn’t. Just saying.

But we’re here to help even if flowers aren’t in your plans for that woman you call mom.

It’s the perfect time for Hibiscus, Bougainvilla, Crape Myrtle when it comes to summer-blooming shrubs. If that’s not in the picture – pretty as they are – why not some vinca, zinnias, angelonia, salvia or portulaca? We have it all for Mama. (hey, that rhymed)

We have a wide selection of whatever you’re looking for. And if you can’t plant it, well, we have plenty of accessories, too … gloves, hats, garden trinkets, pots and more. It’s all in the store.

If you’re undecided, we have gift cards so she can make the decision. Let her roam the isles so you won’t have to. We promise we won’t tell her.

If you have any questions, just ask our resident experts. And while you’re at it, tell them you read the blog and decided to come in.

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