Actually, head to Rillito Nursery & Garden Center for some great looking blooming tropical plants. We have color galore.

We have a great selection this summer and they are all perennials and all (but one) are evergreen, save for the the crape myrtle.

It’s the perfect time to come in and get a wide-ranging selection that includes: hibiscus, bougainvillia, crape myrtle, tecomas and small blooming plumerias.

They all come in varying colors. It’s like those flourescent markers come to life.

Only the plumeria has to be grown in pots due to it has to be taken into the house during the winter months.

Remember that all plants need plenty of watering and the tropical plants are no different, especially since they love the heat and we’re smack dab in it.

What these plants bring is an array of color to any landscape. And when in the desert, who doesn’t want color?