Got dirt?

Of course you do. But want really good dirt? We have it at Rillito Nursery & Garden Center.

It’s Black Gold – the foundation for most anything you want to plant.

What’s a good house without a strong foundation? The same goes for a good flower, fruit or whatever you’d like see grow.

And in the coming weeks it’s the best time to plant. Soil is soft from the recent rains (and more might be coming).

The best soil for Arizona’s climate will be found … in a bag: Black Gold All Purpose with Extended Feed.

It contains a combination of nutrient-rich moss, earthworm castings, perlite, time-release fertilizers and silicon for building stronger stems and root systems.

Arizona has some tricky soil and plants have adapted to soils with very little organic material and high alkaline.

We also have tough dirt in Arizona, caliche for those familiar with it. It’s not all bad and in fact holds water and helps plants absorb nutrients. But in a pot? Not as good.

Black Gold has food in the soil and it is control released, providing for a steady diet.

Don’t you wish we all had one of those? I regress.

But Black Gold offers all you need for plants – of course, you still have to water and care for it. But our recommendation is to get Black Gold.

Come in and pick some up. We also have a coupon from sungro. For every purchase of $10 worth of Black Gold we will give you a $3 coupon for $3 back.