Wow, what a day, … of misinformation. One lady came into the nursery and said she was a bit leary of trying to plant roses here in Tucson. Why? We asked. Well, she said, someone at a local store (we won’t name the culprit) said you can’t grow roses here. We laughed. And sorry, it was outloud. Not at her but at the comment. Because, of course, you can plant and grow roses here. They love the sun and with the proper amount of TLC (water and food, too) they’ll look and smell as they should. … Shortly after that woman came in another one said she was a renter of a home and wanted to plant a citrus tree. I’m thinking that’s nice of her (perhaps as a gift to the owner of the house), but she said she wanted it in a large pot so she eventually could take it with her. Made sense. But, she said, she heard citrus doesn’t do well in a pot. Sorry to say, I laughed (again). Citrus does well in pots. Haven’t you seen them by pools? The key, however, is to give them the proper food for container plants. We use All-Season’s Plant Food by Grow More (20-20-20).