So the little critters – the angst of ants – are all around. Darn ants!
What to do? Oh, what to do?
Well, bring in the Hi-Yield 38 Plus and it should be exactly what you’ve been looking for to get the little suckers. And they’ll be history.
Here’s how it works according to our resident expert Stephanie: The ants take the clippings from the plant into their mound. It then turns into a fungus they feed off of. The product “taints” the ant’s food and all of a the ants can’t make it. Skinny ant makes for a dead ant.
She says the best method of attack is to use the diluted mix of Hi Yield & water and pour it down the ant hole. Then, follow it with a “chaser” of extra water so that it washes the solution throughout the area. Make sure to note that this stuff is not a spray, but a soil drench. In 24 hours – viola – the ant mound is gone.
Happy hunting.