If you’re seeing little green, yellow or black spots and a dewy substance on your plants don’t be alarmed. It’s likely just aphids. Oleanders have been susceptible to the critters for some time now.

Have no fear because they can be eliminated pretty easily without the use of an insecticide. Yes, they look ugly and a bit annoying but they can be easily removed by simply spraying with a power spray – or a strong spray – with enough force that is required. Some plants can withstand more powerful sprays than others. But it’s that simple.

Start the spray routine every morning for about a week and in no time the little pests should be gone. But be consistent and persistent with it. If the pest problem continues go to an insecticidal soap (use the product according to the directions) and if that doesn’t work use a systemic to stop the problem. Remember that it takes time to get the problem solved.

Also, aphids don’t like the extreme heat so they disperse once the high temperatures come in.

Good riddance … and good gardening.