It’s getting hot in here! Well, outside it is. But, big deal.
When it comes to plants and all involved it’s still a great time to plant. Can’t take the heat? Stay in the garden or the yard and plant that citrus tree, vinca, million bell, or zinnia. Those are just a few things you can use for color in the yard.
You get the point. Right? Don’t mind the heat and if you do, go out early in the morning and get the process done early. Your yard will love you for it and your neighbors will be envious. The key is to keep your plants and trees – all all involved, including YOU – well-hydrated. The summer, obviously, saps the water from the ground. You’re thirsty and the plant is thirsty.
And, if you don’t want to be the one planting, well, we’ll do it for you. Our professional landscapers would love to do the digging and planting to make your place look just right. Come on in and see us! We’ll give you all the details.