So, we’re coming to the end of spring, but don’t fret it’s not the end of all the color. You can keep the color coming with plenty of summer-time flowers and some garden art.
Garden Art? Yes. The Talavera pots (they come in varying sizes), the Talavera coyotes and turtles and lizards. Sorry, no lions and tigers and bears, oh my. But we do have a 3-foot giraffe and its baby. There are also butterflies, dragonflies, frogs and miniture cows heads. And don’t forget the Nerdy Bird collection that has become one of the more talked about items in our gift shop. They’re perfect for the garden and make for great convesation pieces.
There’s a lot to choose from, including pinwheels and wind chimes galore. Make your garden burst with color – and not just with our blooming flowers. But with a colorful pot here and there. Have fun. Be colorful.