Feel the chill in the air? Well, many of your plants do, too. This week is the first time this season we here at Rillito Nursery will be covering our plants as a precaution from the cold.

Forecasts for the week call for the temps to be in the mid-to-low 30s and that means bring out the light cover for the flowers, plants, trees and saguaros out there. Better to be safe than sorry. The material doesn’t have to be heavy, but please do it if you want the plants to thrive all winter.

As for the saguaros, you can place a cap on the top of each of them. That’s where the cold hits first. Think of it as putting a top hat on the ends. Place some newspaper in an on old plant container (it’s a cushion for the top of the cactus) and then place it where appropriate.

This week you’ll likely have to cover them up for two or three days. Thanksgiving night is projected to be about 31 degrees. Downright cold for the Tucson area, so be prepared.

By the way, we have plenty of protective cover at the nursery. We sell it pre-packaged and by the foot. Come in and get what you need.

Of course, you can take the sheet off during the day so they can also enjoy the sun, but re-cover at night.
And remember not all the plants need to be covered. The pansies, violas, snap dragons handle the cold quite well.