The weather has been absolutely fantastic!

But with it comes some detractors or problems … with good always comes some bad. Right? Because we didn’t have much of a winter – what was it, six days? – we could be in for a long, pesky spring.

But we have your solution when it comes to pests that disturb your greenery.

They’ve been in a couple of weeks and are quite affective on bugs:  ladybugs and praying mantis egg cases. Their perfect for the garden and they’ll help you stay organic when fighting bugs in the garden. And, well, kids have a blast freeing the ladybugs.

We also have neem oil for aphids and spider mites and the like. And, we have bacillus thuringiensis which has worked wonders on caterpillars. Give the bugs, well, a bug to deal with.

We also have chemical controls to combat those pesky bugs to control thrips on roses.

If you have any questions please ask. That’s what we’re here for. And while you’re visiting Rillito Nursery take a look at our wide variety of goodies. We have what every gardener would love.