OK, so the leafs are not changing color, but, hey, the temperatures are a bit cooler these days. Well, at least for the last couple of days. So, it’s a perfect time to be talking about fall veggies. We’ve got ‘em and we have more coming in on Friday (Oct. 8).
Lettuce, spinach and broccoli – (Oh my). That’s all we’re getting right now but expect more soon as the growers start getting them ready for us … for you.
What has been real popular lately has been the vegetable seeds. We have plenty with more coming in soon. They’re selling “like crazy” as our resident expert Stephanie says. And she knows the biz.
Right now, the seeds to plant are: carrots, lettuce, beets, radishes, broccoli and cauliflower.
And, we have the right soil for you. It’s the Miller’s Box Garden Mix for veggie gardens. Stephanie says, it has a nice “earthy look and feel and smell to it.”
And if she likes it you know it’s good.