The topic of the week or past few weeks has been: how in the world do we get rid of all those critters coming around the house and eating all our stuff?
Well, we have products – and they’ve worked most, if not all, of the time. But because Tucson has gone without rain for more than 70 days and it’s as dry as, well, the desert (duh!) our experts here are saying that it might be best to purchase chicken wire and/or barriers to keep the rabbits and such out.
Yes, it’s that bad. You see them everywhere. They love to eat, too, and there’s nothing out there but the nice things you take care of at this time of year.
Come in and see what we have for your pesky problem, but if you really want to keep them out you’re have to use some elbow grease, some pliers and some chicken wire to keep them out for now.
Oh, yeah, while you’re here. Check out our summer stock. We have plenty of flowers and plants to suit your needs.