Got dirt?

Need bloom?

Well, if you do we have the stuff that will help make your garden grow.

We’re talking fertilizer. And we’re talking the good stuff. Yes, fertilizer has good stuff. Here’s a look at what we have for every type of green thumb – beginner to expert. We like them – no, love them – all here at Rillito Nursery.

First there’s Fox Farm Marine Cuisine: (10-7-7) the perfect fertilizer for the lazy
gardener. It is a twice-a-year application and can be used during the time
of planting. Pretty simple. It is perfect for hibiscus, gardenias, houseplants, annuals,
herbs and veggies. It is made up of a unique blend of ocean material from
the Pacific Northwest. Fish, crab meal, shrimp meal along with Fox Farm’s
signature blend of earthworm casting and bat guano. Yum! It’s not organic.

Then there’s Fox Farm Big Bloom Organic Liquid Fertilizer: (0.01-.3-.7)
perfect for the organic gardener. Easy to use and can be used as a general
or a daily fertilizer. Perfect for vegetables and herbs. Enriched with bat
guano and earthworm castings and kelp. Double yum! Our resident expert, Stephanie, swears by this stuff. Her tomatoes love her for it.

Fox Farm Water Soluble Fertilizer: (9-50-10) it’s the perfect fertilizer for anything that flowers and provides fragrance! It brings out the essential oils in flowers for a robust, fragrant bloom! It extends the flowering cycle. Ideal for roses, gardenias, jasmine. Enriched with micro-nutrients.

And, if it’s fertilizer you’re not looking for we have plenty of things for your planting needs.