Itching to get out and enjoy the cool, crisp morning air? Well, why not get out in the yard and plant something?
It’s a perfect time of the year. Snowbirds who are making their way back from Coldsville should know – maybe they don’t – that this is the perfect time because the soil is just right for planting. It’s moist or soft because of the monsoons – YES, we are getting some this year! – and it’s a perfect time to get your plants established before the winter. OK, snowbirds, Tucson doesn’t have a winter but play along. Humor me for a sec. But, it’s cold to us natives.
Point is take advantage of the early-morning climes and get out and make your landscape area nice for the upcoming months. It’s easy. Come on by and ask what’s best to be put in the ground right now (hint: just about everything but I’m going to suggest some Yellow Bells, Tecomas and Orange Jubilees).
We’ll be waiting for all the questions because we’re pretty good with the answers.