Got something bugging you? Well, we have your problem solved as long it involves plants, trees, flowers and, well, fungus gnats.
Yes, fungus gnats – the ones in your houseplants that turn into pesky in-your-face flyers.
Here’s how to get rid of them:
1) Use QUALITY POTTING SOIL!! It’s in all caps for a reason. Get quality soil and much of the problem will be controlled from the start. If you are having problems the plant must be taken outside
to dry out and the top 1″-2″ of soil must be replaced! Our recommendation for soil replacement is: Black Gold.
2) Use a houseplant insecticide granule mix with the new potting soil. It’ll help eliminate the mature fungus gnats that are laying in the soil.
3) If you’d like to capture the adult flyers, use a small houseplant Sticky Stake (they are
yellow to attract the adults flying around). They are small and fit snuggly into small areas in and around other plants.
This routine may need to be done a few times within a matter of 6-8 weeks to gain control of the issue. And yes, we have all the products here in the nursery.
Again, comprar viagra if you have any questions regarding any product sold in the store just ask. We’re here to help.