Psst. You may have heard but I’m here to tell you – maybe remind you _ that Sunday is Mother’s Day.

No, make that MOTHER’S DAY!

It’s the day you say thanks – if you don’t do that every day already – for being on earth.

So, say thank you!

And, of course, we have suggestions after you give her the verbal thanks.

Give her a floral thank you. Why not give her a plant, a type of salvia or tree that will always remind of you? She’ll love you for it … she already does but, hey, she’ll love you even more.

We have it all in preparation for the summer. It’s getting a bit hot here – as you know. So, give her something that will last. Give her some color. Why not come in for a rose – good for any occasion – especially on Mother’s Day?

Why not a wind chime? We have the best and highest quality chimes. And yes we have some for any budget, too.

We have gardening gloves, garden knickknacks, Talavera pots and assortment of other pots. And if you can’t decide from the myriad of things we have here, why not give the always-welcome gift card. It’s quick and easy.

Why not? She’ll get the gift she really wants on her day – Mother’s Day.