So, you’ve got to be enjoying the weather.
It’s as predictable as, well, ok so it’s not so predictable. But it’s great because Mother Nature is supplying the agua for your great plants you got at Rillito Nursery.
We know you’ve adjusted your watering schedule to accommodate for all the monsoon weather, right? If not, there’s still time.
But this is not about a water schedule. This is about getting ready for a vegetable garden when it comes to leafy greens and root vegetables. In the coming weeks, you’ll have time to time to prepare the dirt with some great products (Happy Frog, Harvest Supreme) and get soil test kits. The kits are to see what you’re lacking in your existing beds.
Soon, we’ll be getting new varieties of seeds for fall gardening so when you come in be sure to buy cialis online ask what we have and what we will be getting.
The important thing is to get ready for what’s coming up. We’re ready for you.