Psst. Have you heard? Monday is kind of a big day when it comes to trying to impressing someone you love.
Of course, it’s Valentine’s Day.
And you have plenty of time to get something to make that happen. Forget chocolates (you want to spend time counting calories and then try taking them off?). Roses by the dozen? Good luck with that.
Now, how about roses by the dozen that will keep on coming for a long, long time. Come in and get your loved one a carpet rose or a rose from our unbelievable and array of choices here. We have a wide variety of colors and sizes.
Come in. We have plenty and we’ll give you the right instructions how and where to plant it. How to take care of it and when to feed it. That’s why we are here.
We have exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to roses that will last more than a week. They’ll last a lifetime and your loved one will be impressed. So, come in and give the gift that keeps on giving – every blooming season that is.