In case you haven’t noticed … it’s hot – HOT – outside.

And, yes, you have air conditioning in your place. But have you thought about your plants and things that don’t have that luxury?

They need moisture. They need love. They NEED water!

Things are looking a bit distressed these days and in order to maintain order in the green-thumb world plants need to be watered. And at this time of year – the hottest month of the year – you might need to water more often. In fact, forget about the word might – just do it. Of course, you’ll need to monitor how much water you give the flowers and plants – too much isn’t good either – but not enough is very bad. They’ll pass out on you. Heck, wouldn’t you without water?

And before you say we’re in the desert so plants are used to it, well, not necessarily. They need some form of moisture, just at different rates.

The point is: take care of what you have with an extra dose of agua and they will make you look good in the end.

Trust us … please. It’s hot out there.