Welcome to summer! No, spring. No, summer.
So, it’s been hot and cold then hot and cool. But the bet here is that it’s going to be hot, hot and hotter from here on out. If you haven’t already, it’s time to plant the summer flowers.
Color galore.
Bird of Paradise. Yellow Bells. Verbena. Zinnias. Bright plumbagos. And the ever popular-salvias.
There’s just so many to list. We have them all and they are going quickly. Come on in and check the wide selection of summer flowers and trees.
Speaking of trees, if you’ve ever seen oranges and lemons fly now’s the time. Actually, they are flying out of the store. Citrus has been very popular the past couple of months. We still have a selected few so if you’re interested you might want to call for current availability.
Don’t forget the roses. We still have plenty left – from Julio Iglesias to All-Americans to a host of others.
And don’t forget the desert plants. We have an array assortment of those, too. Check our desert area in the southwest corner of the store. We also have them scattered throughout the yard.
Come on in. We have plenty of room to roam and enjoy the colors. And the passion we have for what we do.