So, you’ve survived the dogged days of summer – historically, June is the hottest month of the year – but now comes the up-and-down days of July and the annual monsoon season. Now is the time you need to be most prepared for adverse conditions in terms of heat and water.

Be prepared to monitor those irrigation systems. You may need to change the water schedule because of what’s ahead. Monsoon doesn’t necessarily mean water in your area, although the last couple of days have shown Mother Nature to be a powerful force throughout the city. Still, some days you will get wet and others you won’t. Make sure you have a watering schedule that works with the monsoons. In a few words: pay attention to the environment and your plants.

If you have any questions for our resident experts and or tips to deal with the monsoons please don’t hesitate to ask. Make sure you secure all your plants and trees. It’s going to be a crazy monsoon season given what’s already taken place. If you’re looking for replacement plants and trees we’re your nursery. We’ve been in the business nearly two decades and have many loyal customers. We thank you.