So, it’s monsoon season . Or is it?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But ‘tis the season for the wet stuff we southern Arizonans call rain. You’ve seen some of the rumblings around town a bit to get a reminder of the craziness.
But mother nature can be a finicky one so you may or may not see rain. And it depends on where you are in the city. Heck, your neighbor could get it and you could be bone dry. If you’ve been in Tucson long enough you know that’s the case.
So how does it relate to plants? Well, it means you have to be diligent in your watering schedule. Don’t purposely turn off your irrigation system thinking it’s going to rain. Don’t – no, DON’T! – take that for granted. You’ll have to monitor the situation as best as possible because you don’t know if the rain will ever come – rain dances, voodoo dolls, prayers or washing the car aside.
Last season a lot of people lost a few things because they assumed it was going to rain because it was monsoon season. Well, it didn’t. So, stay on top of it this season and you’ll have no worries.
And if the monsoon does come – and here’s wishing it will – stay safe from the lightning and floods and everything that goes with it. We want you as customers at what we think is the best nursery in town.