One of the biggest and most asked questions we get here at the nursery is: Is now a good time to plant? Our answer is simple – yes, although we really don’t recommend it during the colder months because of the potential for frost and freezing.
But, NOW is a great time to be planting, especially at Rillito Nursery because we have a super special on planting and delivery.
We are offering up to $35 off of delivery with a planting. So, if you’re in Zone 1 or Zone 2 that means the delivery charge is free. And in Zone 3 (the farthest areas) the delivery charge is just $25. This is a perfect time to get some of the larger trees – including shade trees – in the ground and established.
It’s a way to show you how good our landscape division is here at the nursery. They love what they do and are ready to prove it to you. Just like we are at home base where all your ideas begin.