If you are looking to brighten up your landscape you’re looking in the right place. We’ve got plenty of color and it’s the perfect – and we do mean P-E-R-F-E-C-T – time to plant because it’s nice and warm yet kind of cool at night.
If you’re a regular customer (thank you!) you know we make every effort to keep our place looking sharp, eventful and clean – and colorful. If you’re hoping to find a favorite nursery, well, here we are. Come in and check it out. We want to help you get started in your color scheme or garden. The fall annuals, desert grasses (looking great and blooming) and all the fall flowers are making it look like the Crayola crayon box exploded at our place. And that’s a good thing.
Name the color and we have it. Now come and get it. And hot this past week have been the geraniums. They are always a customer favorite this time of year.
Add some color to your décor.