Remember that the weather is changing, as if you need a reminder. But, it seems almost like it’s changing every day – hot, cold, hot, cold. Tucson has seen some strange climes lately and the plants are trying to adjust like we all are.

So remember as it becomes hotter and hotter – and we all know that it will – it’s time to change your irrigation systems – or watering habits – to a more water-friendly one for your plants and trees.

Timers must be changed from the winter to the summer schedule. Plants that took only one or two waterings a week will now need two or three (maybe more) now that the summer is creeping up us.

For example, if you water your citrus tree once or twice a month, you’ll have to water the tree anywhere from seven to 10 days a month. And remember to give them a deep soak. For shrubs, you might need to water them every three to five days. Plants in a container likely need water everyday. Plants in containers tend to dry up much quicker than when in the ground.