Don’t like spiders and snakes? Well, neither did singer Jim Stafford (sorry for the old-time reference) but we don’t either. But our own bug expert Dayna Cooper loves them so if you’re having trouble with the spider part just come on in and ask Dayna how to control those spider mites that may be in your yard or garden. The web masters can be controlled.
It’s hot and dry – heck, we’re in Tucson so what it means is spider mites abound. You’re probably seeing a number of them – and by number I mean a lot – because they reproduce quickly and live anywhere from two to four weeks. Get them early, and prevent them often.
Repeated applications of our Triple Action or Saf-T-Side products – both of which are oil-based controls – will help with the pesky problem. As for the snakes? Well, good luck with those things. Dayna will probably say just let them be – don’t mess with them and they won’t mess with you.