So, you were out today enjoying what was a fabulous day in Tucson – 76 degrees of luxury – and thinking, hmm, what should I do? The last thing to do is go out and prune some of those plants growing in the backyard or front yard.

It’s still a tad too early to get out the cutters. A deep freeze – unlikely again, better to be safe than, well you know – could happen but just wait about another month. We don’t want you to be touching the tender plants like the citrus, bougainvillea, hibiscus, Tecomas and many other plants that will be starting to bloom in the spring.

Ease up on the tendency to want to cut. Better to be safe than sorry, but as Rillito Nursery owner, Beth Hargrove, the “top of the plant is what protects the bottom.” In no time it’ll be right to prune and when you start to see the plant to begin taking some new life you’ll see the frost line and that’s where you’ll cut.

So, what’s good to cut right now? Roses, Red Bird of Paradise, deciduous fruit trees and deciduous shade trees.

So have at it if you really want to. Just watch it with the ones we told you not to. And, as always, if you have any questions come on by or give us a call.