How’s the weather treating you? It isn’t easy is it?

It’s tough being outside for any time (short or prolonged) and we know it. Try being outside  … all the time! Your plants are. And that’s in shade and not in shade. It’s brutal out there so take care of your flowers, plants, trees, well, everything.

It isn’t easy being outdoors in what is always the hottest time of the year.

June swoon – indeed.

Yes, the monsoons will soon be approaching, but until then, think water.

H (two) O.


Liquid gold to things in the ground.

It’s that simple. Splurge if you have to. Just make sure your plants are hydrated. You’d do the same to yourself if you were outside.

It’s tough outside. Brutal, in fact. So, before you go to work (if you’re lucky enough to have work or be retired) give it some water in the morning and give it another water later in the day. If you can do it in the middle of the day, heck, do that too. Trust us, you’ll appreciate the extra