It’s the perfect time of the year to be outside and be planting. OK, OK , so you’ve heard it all before but try to remember when it was this cool – temperature-wise – this late into the spring? …. Ok, it’s been a while. Looong while.
Enjoy. And while you’re at it remember one thing as we head into Memorial Weekend next week – it’s time to feed your citrus trees.
Those who got them are well schooled in the feeding schedule. Valentines, Memorial Weekend and Labor Day Weekend. All Easy to remember. If you’re looking for food, well, we have it at Rillito Nursery.
And if you’re looking for citrus trees we also those, too, but it’s been such a crazy – in a good way – spring that we’re selling citrus quickly. We do have some Eureka Lemons, kumquats, Clementine Mandarines and a few other things.
Call for current availability. Our phone number is 520-575-0995.
Thanks and happy planting.