It’s been a great winter. Heck, it’s felt more like spring but we don’t want to jinx it, either.
But we also want to prepare you for what’s ahead. So, there’s no time like Feb. 18 to teach you or re-inform you about growing citrus in the Tucson climate.
That’s why we are having our annual Citrus Seminar beginning at 10:30 a.m. to noon. It’s a Saturday so come on in and sit and listen to what one of our many resident experts have to say about growing and caring for citrus plants. Felicia Chapman is our girl on this one. You’ll love her easy-going, informative style when it comes to discussing citrus.
There’s a lot to know about citrus in the desert: what varieties thrive in the desert, pruning and feeding, pest control and container growing. And, so much more.
If you haven’t fed your citrus this year, please do. The time is approaching. Remember, it’s Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. But, Felicia will remind you when you’re here.
When it’s all over we’ll have citrus-tasting from the many varieties we have here in the store.