There is hope!
And if our resident expert, Stephanie, says there is that means there IS … especially when she’s talking anything roses. She knows roses (psst, and just about everything else involving the plant world).
But she says that even after Tucson’s “horrific summer” our roses can be freshened and revitalized.
Her suggestion is a light prune “is best to eliminate the summer damage.”
Here are her other suggestions:
• no need to defoliate the plant as we do in January.
• clean any debris from around the plants and apply a fertilizer specifically
for roses. She recommends the Millers Rose Food in the ground and the
Max-Sea for Acid Loving Plants for roses in containers.
• keep the roses watered dai0ly as we are still dry!
• And, keep in mind that Fall is the ideal time to plant roses! They love the cool nights and the beautiful days!
You should too when your roses look spectacular.