It’s that time of year again – Rose time!
It’s one of our favorite times of the year because we get to see many of the rose lovers in Tucson – from rookies to the well-versed. Even those in the know need a refresher course in what to do for the care of a pretty rose in the Tucson climate.
Our annual Rose Seminar is the perfect place.
As usual, the knowledgeable Dayna Cooper will lead the hour-long – give or take – discussion on the proper care of the many roses we have in stock. This year we have more than 900 with five new varieties. If anyone knows how to care for a rose it is Cooper, who has been giving out advice for years on the proper angle in a cut when pruning to the right fertilizer to the watering schedule.
You want to know? Now is the time to come in and sit in on the discussion. It’s arguably our most-anticipated seminar of the year. It all starts at 10:30 a.m. near our rose garden.
As usual, we’ll have snacks and coffee. Expect to stay awhile and look around at what we have. Order your rose on Jan. 22 and have it ready in March.