If your trees are experiencing some yellowing leaves or some leaf discoloring don’t fret. It’s a natural occurrence. More often than not, it’s the new growth pushing out the old growth, creating the tree lifecycle when it comes to leaves.

Out with the old, in with the new.

It’s more common in citrus trees but quite common in evergreen trees at this time of year (spring), also. And you can add eucalyptus to the list.

Other issues could be occurring but if the problem continues, we at Rillito Nursery suggest you bring in some clippings so we can evaluate the problem (if there is one) properly. We’re in the business of figuring out what your plant needs and solutions are. What better way to help than to bring the problem in?

And don’t forget that the next citrus feeding is quickly coming up. It’s late May or Memorial Weekend like we try to remind our customers. The other times? Valentine’s Day and Labor Day weekend.

It’s that simple.